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An immutable blockchain accessory, authenticating intrapersonal interactions by expressing a person’s past experiences through shared visual language.

In our global, easily dissociative world, we strive to develop authentic and meaningful relationships with one another. To overcome our culture of distance, we advocate for closeness, by publicly sharing our life-stories in our clothing.


Linked is a wearable accessory that represents a series of timelines.

Each rope is a separate lifeline Family, Relationships, Education, Occupation, Location, Skills. To signify important events, say being married or graduating from college, there are symbols which attach to each timeline. Moving social economy towards transparent authenticity and a shared respect for our pasts.


An individual's expression through aesthetic style changes and evolves throughout their life. When we encounter strangers, we only see a current snapshot of them, but miss a deeper understanding of who theywere and who they have become through past experiences.